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I was called for this shooting by my friends at Pixaroundyou, who in turn had been contacted by the client, Charlotte. For those who don’t know them, Pixaroundyou is the solutions for tourists that want to book professional photo shootings around the world. Pay a visit to their website to know more about their services.

Charlotte and her friends were in Rome for the hen party of one girl of the group, and they gave her a great gift: a susprise shooting for the bride-to-be, in order to fix those magic moments forever!

They chose to shoot in Trastevere. The girls were all coming from Switzerland, only a few of them had already been in Rome in the past, but of course they did not know the most characteristic streets of that area. Luckily, we were all speaking English fluently so we understood each other perfectly during the shooting.

Since they booked a 30 minutes session we had to make quick shootings in crowded streets, thus the choice of shooting in natural light without any flashed and tripods was practically a must. I proposed to meet in the late afternoon, in order to use that softer and warmer light that make the streets of Rome even more fascinating. The meeting point was in front of the S. Maria in Trastevere Church. When the girls arrived they unveiled the surprise to the bride-to-be, who got mad with joy!

The girls were young, good looking, they were all dressed in a coordinated way and they really wanted to get to know Trastevere by passing some great time together, playing and celebrating their friend who would soon get married… in a few words, they were perfect subjects for my pics!

After a short introduction with some suggestions on how to approach the sessions, we started to shoot in the alleys close to the square. The girls seemed to be at ease already and they started to play together in front of my camera.

We then went back to the square, where I decided to use a telephoto lens in order to make the most of the wide space we had available for us. I gave just a few indications to the girls, who immediately understood what I was after and gave me some fantastic poses!

We started walking towards the Tevere river, and I arranged to have them walk through the most characteristic streets of the area, in order to use that amazing location for some other pics.

We finally arrived at Ponte Sisto and we couldn’t help including the Tevere in our last pics!

It was a short but intense shooting, during which I had great fun thanks mostly to the subjects, who couldn’t really have been any better. They were enthusiast as well, they cheered me warmly and they left me a great feedback on Pixaroundyou:

“ Giorgio has been amazing we got lost in Roma and were late but he waited for us and gave us an amazing time!! Giorgio was super professional, nice and completely understood and met our expectations! The pictures are amazing I would recommend Pixaround experience and if in Roma ask for Giorgio definitely!!!!”

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