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When Daniele and Silvia called me, they had a very clear goal: shoot some pics to them in an informal environment that would recall Rome’s history but in an original location, something that would be different from all the pics that you can find online from tourists. I immediately thought that the old “Borgo” in Ostia Antica would be a perfect location for this shooting!

From an historical perspective, this location is very interesting, in fact its roots can be traced back in the 4th century, when the site was use for burial purposes. In the next centuries new buildings and fortifications were added, and already in the 15th century the Borgo had the same appearance that we can still see today.

Since it was built in front of the Tevere river, the Borgo had a strong, strategic importance and it was also including the papal customs offices. The bed of the Tevere is now located in a different place, following a big flood that happened in the 16th century.

Also from a photographic point of view the location is a strategic choice: not only it easily reachable via the Roma-Lido train, but in a small space enclosed by the mediaeval defensive walls it presents many impressive different spots: The Giulio II’s castle, the S. Aurea church and the historical buildings that still preserve the original ancient appearance.

We met directly on site and, after a short discussion on how we wanted to approach the session, we started shooting the first pics. In order to keep the session informal and easy, I decided I would shoot in natural light only, without any flash and tripods.

We shot the first pics against one of the side walls of the church and the defensive wall of the Borgo. In these first shots Daniele and Silvia are placed far from each other, but this was actually my choice in order to start breaking the ice while working on simple poses; the main goal for me was to make them confident in front of me and my camera. We went on with a few more pics in different spots of the Borgo, while placing the two subjects progressively closer.

After a few minutes, I proposed to try some more playful poses. I knew it would help me to get some more dynamic shots and to make the mood even more relaxed and the two partners closer and willing to cooperate with me for the next session that was planned for them.

After the first half of an hour we were ready for the final part of the shooting and I knew that I could get something more intense from them. At this stage of the session Daniele and Silvia were completely relaxed; not only they were excited to see that the pics were exactly as they were expecting, but they also started feeling that they could trust both me and my camera. I knew that now they would allow me to get really closer and to capture more intimate shots. I decided I would use both color photos in order to get the most of the charm of the Borgo, and black and white photos in order to leave room to the emotions of the subjects.

In a 45 minutes’ session we managed to shoot more than twenty different pics each of that could reveal, with the use of color or black and white, different sides of their relationship. Daniele and Silvia were particularly happy because, as they requested, the shooting took place in a perfect location: you can literally breathe the history and the colors of the ancient Rome, but the photos are completely different from what you usually see online. But then again, a town like Rome offers so many unique spots that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world, thus it’s very difficult failing to meet expectations in this respect! Anyway, not too bad for such a short and fun session!

After such a success, we couldn’t help to celebrate with a proper aperitivo at a local bar in the Borgo! Cheers!

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