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Photography is a great passion of mine and it perfectly reflects my personality! I’ve always been a creative type of guy and since I was a child I have cultivated hobbies that, in one way or another, would imply the use of shapes and colors: hand drawing, cooking, computer graphics and web design.

This side of my character lives together with others that are apparently antithetical, and that also led me to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering: the rigors, the schematic approach, the understanding and application of precise rules.

From this contrast comes my approach to photography, which joins technical research with the creative use of shapes, lights and colors.

I have always loved taking pictures, but the step change came in 2005, by chance: since I was looking for a new compact digital camera, I bought some photography magazines where I read for the first time about DSLR cameras and photographic techniques: a first test of a DSLR in a camera shop triggered the spark!

​My photography goes from studio portraits up to reportage in natural light. Between these two extremes there is my ideal setup, where I am adding flash to natural light, in order to have full control of light and color. Shooting sessions happen in a very relaxed and informal way, in various types of location, indoor and outdoor.  

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